LNC: Car Diffuser

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LNC: Car Diffuser

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The LNC luxury line of car diffusers from Upcycle Candle Company incorporates the best products on the market to make a beautiful looking and smelling product for your car. We know that you will love the simple elegance of these beautiful car diffusers. Your purchase of the car diffuser is 8 ml and includes a 15ml/0.5 fl oz refill.


Black Currant + Jasmine: This scent combines the slight tart berry note of the black currant with the sweet, rich floral aroma of the jasmine flower. A slight peachy and citrus note carries at the top of the scent and combines perfectly for this light, but complex, scent.

Caribbean + Teakwood: This amazing scent combines the best of the deep woodsy and hint of spice aroma of teakwood and a rich top note of ginger and peppercorn. This is an incredible masculine scent.

Cashmere + Plum: This light and rich scent combines the beautiful brightness of ripe plum with a hint of citrus and amber. The addition of cedar, bergamot, and clary sage adds to the complexity and depth of this amazing scent.

Love + Spell: The perfect blend of fruit and floral makes this scent so remarkable. The fruity notes of apple, peach and citrus combine with the sweet floral scents of cherry blossom and hydrangea so perfectly and none overpowers the other…instead they work together in harmony to create this beautiful blend.

Sea Minerals: This wonderful and clean scent reminds us of our favorite beach vacation. It is so light, yet so beautifully fragrant.

Tonka + Oud: This scent comes from the amazing combination of 2 very unique and complex scents. The tonka bean has a warm and sweet quality this reminiscent of vanilla and almond and a slight hint of powder. Oud, also known as agarwood, is a rich and woody scent.