Upcycle Candle Company

handcrafted, natural soy candles in re-purposed glass bottles

Upcycle Candle Company

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handcrafted, natural soy candles and reed diffusers

Upcycle Candle Company

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Upcycle Candle Company

handcrafted, natural soy candles in re-purposed glass bottles

Upcycle Candle Company

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Our Story

We are a green-initiative company that uses as much recycled/repurposed
product as possible. We get our wine bottles from Rockfish Creek Winery in Raeford, NC; we cut, clean and polish them by hand; we make our wicks from cherry wood scrap pieces from our father’s cabinet shop just down the road from us; we do everything in our home and in small batches.

Our new line, LNC, utilizes the same hand-made cherry wood wicks and our hands-on approach.

Our rings are handcrafted and unique; all are designed, turned, and finished by hand.

Thank you for supporting our local business.

We know that you will love your candle purchase and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Our products are available anytime on our website www.upcycle-candle-company.myshopify.com.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to send us a message at contact@upcyclecandlecompany.com

Here are a few tips about burning your candle.

**We have found that keeping the wick trimmed and short is vital to the life and performance of your candle from Upcycle Candle Company. 

**The wooden wick is easily trimmed with a pair of large toe nail clippers or end-cutting pliers.

**You should ALWAYS trim the wick before relighting your candle or when the flame gets too high.

**When you trim the wick, make sure to blow out the candle and then trim to about 1/8th of an inch above the wax level.

**Relight your candle and continue to enjoy!

A Little Bit About Your New Candle

All our glass containers are repurposed.

We cut to size and polish the top to a professional finish.

We make our own wicks from cherrywood drops (scraps) from our dad’s woodworking shop.

Your new candle will burn for about 55-60 hours.

See furhter below to check out the rest of our story.

Tips and Recommendations

It will take a minute for the cherrywood wick to light completely, you may need to hold the flame on the wick for a moment or 2. The first time you burn the candle, let it burn for 1-2 hours. You will want the candle to get a complete wax melt on the top. Trim the charred part of the wick before relighting your candle each time.

LNC Luxury Line from Upcycle Candle Company

How we got started

In 2015, I (Heidi) decided that I was going to get more active and responsible about recycling materials that we used at home such as glass, cardboard, newsprint/magazines, and plastic. Our local county dump is less than 5 miles up the road from us and I decided that it was going to be easy enough for us to get up there when we needed to. The only draw-back was that we had to separate all the materials; it was only the local county dump where people can drop off their recycling and then a company collects the materials from the dump. So, we bought and set up 5 trash can tubs off our back porch; one for clear glass, one for colored glass, one for plastics, one for aluminum (soda cans), and one for cans used for canned goods. I also have a tub in the house for cardboard and a container for newsprint/magazine materials.

So it was December 26 in 2018 and Dominic and I both had the day off of work. I decided that it was a perfect time to get Dominic to help me get the tubs with the glass (both clear and colored) to the dump. (Both tubs were completely full and I was not able to move them by myself.) Dominic questioned that if he found something else to do with the glass, could we do that instead of hauling everything to the dump. I said, “Sure. Have at it.”

So, he spent a few hours online and said that he wanted to cut the bottles and make candles. So, we pulled out some of the glass containers that were not broken and took them to the shop. Dominic cut the first bottles that we used for experimentation with a glass-cutter (a utensil that scores the glass and then you can knock off the scored part). While it worked, it was really inefficient. So, he spent the next day or so researching other cutting methods and then we just had a bunch of trial and error processes until we found the way that was the most efficient and the most productive…the wet tile-saw with a glass cutting blade.

We then spent quite a bit of time on perfecting our wicks. We both new that we wanted wooden wicks, we just had to experiment for a while on the material type and style to find the perfect match for our materials. The best part of using wooden wicks, is that our father’s wood/cabinet shop is just up the road from us and we use the scrap pieces that he can no longer uses to make our wicks.